St. Georges Caye Resort Belize - Diving, Fishing, Spa Resort
Today, we were watching our guests train for their open water SCUBA certifications in the pool. They are going to be real pros. Maybe one day they’ll even get to dive the Blue Hole. Eggs and I certainly hope we get to. It’s the world’s largest underwater sinkhole, but it’s only for experienced divers. The Blue Hole is close to 400 feet deep and full of amazing stalactites…a real one-of-a-kind experience. When serious divers come to stay with us, we always book them a day trip to the Blue Hole.

I have a long way to go before I’m ready for that dive, but I did want to get some practice time in at our swimming pool this afternoon. To my surprise, when I went to get my gear, I couldn’t find my mask. I looked high and low – under my favorite palm tree, inside the kayaks and still nothing. I know this is Eggs’ idea of a practical joke, and I’m on a mission to get her back. First things first, I’m going to make her stay put while I plot my revenge!
Eggs008When Eggs flew the coop from Canada and arrived in Belize a few months back, I was so happy to finally have someone to explore with. I thought I had a rough go learning to swim, but Eggs is truly a duck…errrr, chicken, out of water. She thinks she looks cool in her pink swimsuit, but she can’t even manage a breaststroke!

Regardless, we’ve been keeping up with our lessons. There is so much to see and explore on the Belize Barrier Reef that we want to get SCUBA certified as soon as possible. We’ve been working closely in the pool with our instructor Jose, and he’s a real pro. He’s been very patient with us, just like the many guests he has helped learn to dive at St. George’s Caye Resort over the years!