Dive Deals for DEMA Show 2017


The largest dive show in the US, the DEMA Show 2017 (produced by The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) is just around the corner: November 1-4 in Orlando. And this is the time when many dive resorts bring out their best offers, us included! But you don't have to attend the show to reap the benefits...

This year Cap'n Ron has put together two special offers for DEMA, one for scuba divers and, for dive shops and dive group leaders, our best deal ever. All you need is the promo code to claim your offer. Read on to learn more.

DEMA dive special 2017 for St Georges Caye Resort Belize

Special Offer for Divers

Now through December 22nd, you can get Free Diving at St. George's Caye Resort. Pay for 1 diver, your 2nd diver is free for all local reef dives! To claim this offer you must reserve by November 15th. See the Special Offers page for  details and promo code. 

For Dive Shops & Group Leaders

This is our best group dive deal ever and it's valid for travel through December 21, 2018. (Yes, next year!) For every 5 paid, you get 1 free - and commission! We've put together incredible 5-night and 7-night package deals that include air-conditioned accommodations, meals, transfers, and Valet Diving - and we can accommodate up to 24 divers. You can find more details here

DEMA show dive group leader special 2017 St Georges Caye Belize



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For The Avid Diver: 12 Things To Do in Belize When Not Diving

Diving near the Blue Hole in Belize

Belize has become a popular tourist destination because of the fabulous weather, friendly people, and fantastic variety of activites on land and in the water. Especially the diving and snorkeling!

As a scuba diver, you are no doubt considering Belize because of the second longest barrier reef and the bucket list dive sites like Lighthouse Reef, Half Moon Caye, Great Blue Hole, and Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The diving here is out of this world! We know you won't be disappointed. 

But even the most avid diver needs surface time. So, what else is there to do in Belize?

Belize activities like ruins, zipline, kayaking, massage, and beach time

12 Things To Do in Belize When Not Diving 

  1. Visit Maya ruins such as Xunantunich, Caracol, Altun Ha, Cahal Pech, and Lamanai. Tikal is just over the border in Guatemala and also accessible as a day trip. 

  2. Relax with a hot stone massage. 

  3. Whiz through the jungle canopy on a zip-line tour.

  4. Take a guided fishing trip for the "big three" of tarpon, permit, and bonefish. Or there is great reef fishing for snapper, grouper, barracuda, and more.

  5. Kayak through the mangroves and along the reef.

  6. Try the fun sport of standup paddleboarding on the calm waters around the mangroves and cayes.

  7. Go cave tubing on a jungle river with headlamp and helmet. 

  8. Take a helicopter or plane ride over the iconic Great Blue Hole.

  9. Visit beach bars and go shopping in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye (La Isla Bonita). You can also try parasailing or sky diving while in San Pedro!

  10. Buy gorgeous handmade arts and crafts from locals.

  11. Drink tropical cocktails and Belikin beers on the beach.

  12. Watch the sunset from a swimming pool (you have the perfect location at St. George's!)

 Pool at sunset at St Georges Caye Resort Belize

As you can see, a dive trip to Belize can be about much more than just epic diving. What else do you want to do? 

Many of these recommended activities can be done at our island resort, or on one of our private guided tours. We also have jungle-beach combo packages where you spend three or four nights on the mainland of Belize exploring the jungles and Maya culture, then you come out to our island paradise less than a mile from the reef for diving, diving, and more diving. (And relaxing!)


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What is a Resort Dive?

Coral Varieties near St. George's Caye Resort in Belize

 Learning to scuba dive is an amazing experience, but not everyone is ready to jump in for the full open water scuba certification course. That's where the Resort Dive comes in!

A resort dive is a safe and excellent introduction to SCUBA that requires no previous diving experience. The half-day course is popular for people on vacation since it lets you experience the underwater world without having to invest time in classroom learning and tests. (For open water dive certification, generally plan on 4-5 days to complete everything.) 

 Plus, the experience and cost for a Resort Dive can be credited towards further training if you later decide to get scuba certified (usually for a period of six months).

A resort dive is a great option if you're traveling with non-diver friends -- introduce them to the amazing underwater world and get them hooked on diving too!

Try Scuba In Pool Free  

What's Included with a Resort Dive?

Resort courses are a half day and generally include your dive equipment such as BCD (buoyancy control device), regulator, gauges, tanks, and weights. 

During the course you receive basic training on safety and equipment from a certified Dive Instructor, followed by a dive in open water to a maximum depth of 30 feet. After completing the course, you can dive again (and again!) to max 30 feet if accompanied by a certified Dive Instructor. 

 Most dive centers in tourist locations offer this introductory half-day course. SSI calls the course "Try Scuba," NAUI calls it "Try Scuba/Passport Diving" and PADI calls it "Discover Scuba."
Resort Dive at Reef in Belize

Try Scuba for Free in the Pool!  

 St. George's Caye Resort in Belize has a SSI-certified dive center and we offer Try Scuba to our guests. In fact, you can complete the introductory session with our dive instructor for free in the pool! And then if you like it, we'll take you out to the reef for your official Resort Dive. (Dive sites are only 5-10 minutes away by boat!)

Try Scuba In Pool Free 

A resort course is a safe, fun, low-risk way to try scuba diving. And what better place to try scuba diving than the Belize Barrier Reef! Learn more about diving with us. 

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Good Advice on "Reef Safe" Sunscreens

Good Advice on "Reef Safe" Sunscreens

Chances are you’ve heard about “reef safe” sunscreens and the importance of using sunblock that doesn’t contain certain harmful chemicals.

But which chemicals are harmful? What does that mean?

Vogue magazine just published an excellent article on the subject, interviewing researchers and chemists. Their recommendation: Try to avoid oxybenzone (the most common compound found in some 3,500 sunscreens worldwide), octinoxate (which is even more toxic than oxybenzone, but usually found in lower concentrations), and octocrylene. 

A good rule of thumb: the simpler the formula, the better.

Another recommendation in the article: own at least one long-sleeved sun shirt or rash guard with a UPF (UV-protective fabric) of 50-plus. It should not be a V-neck and ideally will have a thumbhole to hold the sleeve over the top portion of your hands, too. That way when you’re snorkeling or kayaking on the reef, you can put on less sunblock.


According to Craig Downs, Ph.D., a forensic ecotoxicologist in Virginia and executive director of Haereticus Environmental Laboratory, besides acting as an endocrine disruptor, oxybenzone can damage coral DNA and might lead to what Downs calls “reef zombies” or corals and other reef organisms that look “healthy but are actually sterile and dead—so they cannot reproduce.” Such UV-absorbing compounds can also contribute to coral bleaching, which occurs when the life-sustaining algae that normally lives on coral vanishes, due to changes in ocean temperatures, stress, or pollution. 


Several places are implementing bans on sunscreens containing oxybenzone, including Hawaii and parts of Mexico. For now, it is still allowed in Belize but we hope you’ll consider other options. Before making your trip, we recommend you purchase some reef-safe sunscreen for your time in the ocean. We also have reef-safe sunscreen available in our gift shop.

You can read more and learn about shopping for Reef Safe Sunscreens in the article on Vogue's website: http://www.vogue.com/article/reef-safe-sunscreens-oxybenzone-free-sea-turtles-environment-stream2sea



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Lowest Airfares to Belize We've Seen

Lowest Airfares to Belize We've Seen

Did you see that American Airlines is offering round-trip flights to Belize on select dates this August for only $220?

Yes, really! It's the lowest price airfare we've ever seen to Belize City. These cheap Belize flights are available from Houston, New York, LA, and Miami. 

fly belize map

When Southwest Airlines started flying to Belize in 2015, it brought increased competition and lower fares which we're happy to see. During non-peak times Southwest has roundtrip tickets from Houston for about $350. Which means more people can afford to visit this beautiful country and try cave-tubing on a jungle river, climb Maya ruins, eat delicious Belizean food, and dive or snorkel the barrier reef. 

If you've been waiting to travel to Belize because of costs, this summer is looking like a fantastic time to make your dream come true. Many resorts around the country offer their best rates of the year during summer - including us at St. George's Caye Resort, a secluded island paradise less than a mile from the reef. Combined with the historically low airfares, a trip to Belize is more affordable than ever!

Want to stay in an overwater bungalow?

overwater cabanas at St. George's Caye in Belize 

Check out our special 7-night dive package that includes your overwater cabana, meals, transfers, and 11 dives -- pay for 3 divers and your 4th person is absolutely free! Yes really. What are you waiting for? This special is valid through November 15th and coincides with the cheapest flights to Belize we've seen. 

7-night Dive Special in Overwater Cabana 

Hope to see you in paradise!



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Favorite Underwater Sights Diving Near St. George's Caye

Favorite Underwater Sights Diving Near St. George's Caye

Cap'n Ron regularly receives emails from scuba divers asking questions as they prepare for their trips to Belize. Common questions: "What will I experience while diving the reef in Belize? Which fish and animals are we most likely to see?"

So we thought we'd share a list of our favorite underwater sights on the reef near St. George's Caye. Our island is only a 5-15 minute boat ride to a variety of pristine dive sites, many of them without names (or crowds!) because we are the only dive resort in the area. Many of these fish and creatures can also be seen on our guided snorkel trips over the reef. 


  • Snapper: many varieties including Gray Snapper, Dog Snapper, Mahogany Snapper, and Yellowtail Snapper
  • Stoplight Parrotfish, Rainbow Parrotfish, Queen Parrotfish and others
  • Various types of Grouper including Nassau Grouper and Black Grouper

  • Angel Fish: Gray, French, Queen
  • Needlefish
  • Puffer Fish
  • Green moray eel and Spotted moray eel
  • Nurse sharks

  • Barracuda
  • Snook
  • Squirrelfish
  • Wrasse
  • Variety of Jacks including Horse-eye Jacks and Permit
  • Spotted eagle rays and Stingrays
  • Lionfish (invasive species! we removed over 1,000 from the reef in October during our Lion Fish Dive Tournament

  • Squid
  • Conch
  • Octopus (more often seen on Night Dives)
  • Dolphins
  • Green sea turtles and Hawksbill turtles

  • A variety of Jellyfish 
  • Tarpon
  • Fairy basslet
  • Blue tang
  • Lobster (if you enjoy eating lobster, the season is mid-June to mid-February)
  • Coral: stag horn coral, brain coral, elk horn coral...

What will you see diving the Blue Hole? How is it different?

The Great Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef is about a 90-minute boat ride from our resort and offers spectacular deep-water diving to see cave formations like stalagtites and pelagics like sharks and large grouper. It's highly recommended that you hold your Advance Open Water Certification because you'll be diving to well below 100 feet (we offer this certification course!). Read to learn more about What It's Like to Dive the Great Blue Hole in Belize

Want to know more?

Here's a fantastic website with "dive reports" on the fish species seen while diving in Belize: http://ambergriscaye.com/pages/divereports/

Have other questions about diving in Belize?

Contact Cap'n Ron by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (800-813-8498) and he's happy to share his 18+ year of experience diving and traveling around Belize.


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What It's Like to Dive the Great Blue Hole in Belize

What It's Like to Dive the Great Blue Hole in Belize

SCUBA divers from all over the world recognize the iconic aerial photos of the Blue Hole in Belize, a "bucket list" dive for experienced divers and novice divers alike. The Great Blue Hole is part of the Lighthouse Reef and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located due east from St. George’s Caye, The Blue Hole is relatively easy to get to from here. Our island's location just east of Belize City puts our dive resort much closer to the Blue Hole than many of the busy tourist destinations in the country, including those on Ambergris Caye. The trip from here is about 1-1/2 hours by boat and best of all, we only take small groups of divers from St. George’s – no "cattle car" treatment on huge boats.



We leave the dock of St. George’s Caye Resort about 7am. Your ride out in the morning is supplemented with delicious freshly-made breakfast burritos – a perfect beginning. After a beautiful ride across turquoise waters, we get to Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll about 60 miles off the mainland and Belize City. The Blue Hole lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef and is over 980 feet (300 meters) across and 350 feet (108 meters) deep.

The first dive is to about 130 feet in depth inside the deep Blue Hole, where you can see amazing limestone formations of stalagmites and stalactites, haunting and worth the trip in themselves. You may also swim with a variety of sharks, giant groupers and other pelagic species. The first dive is followed by a visit to the Booby Bird Sanctuary on a nearby protected caye, where we marvel at the colony of birds and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Two additional wall dives are enjoyed around Lighthouse Reef, reported by some divers to be “the dives of a lifetime.”  These dives dependably bring quantities of colorful reef fish and pelagics as the currents along Lighthouse provide oxygenated water and plenty of nutrients.

The ride back to St. George’s is filled with lively conversation recounting the plethora of species and the underwater marvels of the Blue Hole structure. You return to our secluded island with plenty of time to shower and freshen up before happy hour in the Lodge and the sharing of more Blue Hole dive stories around the dinner table that evening.



In 2014 we hosted the acclaimed adventure photographer, Stuart Westmorland, at St. George's Caye. Below are some of the awe-inspiring photos he captured while diving in and near the Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef with our dive masters. Enjoy!




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Helping You Plan the Perfect Belize Dive Trip

Helping You Plan the Perfect Belize Dive Trip

St. George's Caye Resort is owned and managed by scuba divers, and we love sharing the magic of the Belize Barrier Reef with guests and friends. To inspire more people to dive Belize with us, we recently launched an all-new version of our dive website GoodDiving.com. We’re glad you’re here!


We hope you enjoy the new site and the beautiful underwater photos and information on local dive sites to help you plan the best dive trip to Belize. (To gaze at all the photos in one place, visit the Gallery.)

Here you’ll find excellent dive packages for families, groups of diving buddies, and solo divers that include accommodations in a private thatch cabana, all meals, airport transfers, and diving. You can also add-on tours and Belize adventures like visiting Mayan ruins or a day trip to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.

There's even a page dedicated to helping dive group leaders plan a group trip to St. George’s Caye Resort Belize. Perfect for 7-24 divers, we offer discounted diving, commission, comps, and more.

And of course, if you’re planning a dive trip to Belize soon, make sure you check out the Special Offers page to see what deals are available. 

 Hint: There’s a limited time offer for 2017 dive trips in honor of the website launch – includes free diving, 50% off meals, and more!


So look around our new website. Daydream about your perfect Belize dive vacation.

Then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make it happen! 

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Exciting News: Jungle Tours Now More Affordable

Exciting News: Jungle Tours Now More Affordable

We know that popular excursions like Cave Tubing, Zip Lining and exploring the ancient Mayan temples are thoroughly enjoyed by our guests, and to many visitors are a “must-do” while in Belize. And we can't blame them -- they're a lot of fun! That's why many of our packages include one or more of these popular Belize Adventures

Excursions to these mainland jungle sites are provided in a number of ways by tour operators: 1) Some operators function only on the mainland and provide services at bare-minimum standards; 2) Some tour operators use busses and take 20, 30 or more people at a time; 3) And then there is the St. George’s Caye Experience -- We not only provide boat transfers as part of our tours; we take only small groups from the resort and our top-notch professional guides give personalized tours during which everyone can hear the information. 

Our premium service costs a bit more and that has been mentioned several times in online reviews. Although we will not diminish the quality of our tour experience in order to offer the cheapest prices, we are sensitive to how much a vacation can cost, and so we are always seeking ways to reduce costs and pass the savings on to our guests. 


Cap'n Ron has just reduced the prices for our most popular tours -- by over 20% when we have 4 or more guests participating! 

We hope this makes it so that even more of our guests can enjoy mainland adventure tours and make unforgettable memories in Belize. 


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Get Caught with Your Pants Down!

We rarely have dull moments at the Caye. This Christmas in Belize was no different. Over the Holidays we had the pleasure of meeting a fun couple with an awesome goal of bringing Cancer checkups to the front of our minds. Cancer Below The Belt was founded by Mr. Kelley Gale Amen to bring awareness to cancers specific to our underpants region - or below the belt. His unique way of raising this awareness is to get people to pose for a picture - with their pants down! Our staff and guests were a bit shy when Kelley first asked if we would participate in the photo challenge. But when manager Barry posed for his picture with his pants down - the game was on! 


 Check out the slideshow of our guests having fun with the challenge. 


We challenge you to help raise awareness posting your photos on social media using the hashtag #getcaughtwithyourpantsdown - and to get your regular checkups!

You can find Kelley's cause on the following Social Media outlets:

This public service announcement was brought to you by St. George's Caye Resort in Belize.

Keeping you happy and healthy in 2015! Make Belize your next vacation. 


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Meet Cornel :: Authentic Belizean Tours

Meet Cornel :: Authentic Belizean Tours

If you've ever been on a tour of Belize with us it is certain you've met Mr. Cornel Staine. And you'd know he's the best tour guide in Belize, hands down. Whether you're on a tour of Belize City, tubing through the caves in the jungle, scaling the river through the mainland or climbing a Mayan temple - Cornel can answer any question you may have. St. George's Caye Resort is excited to have partnered with such an intelligent and passionate tour guide!



Cornel is a walking book of information regarding all things Belize. From cultural customs and history he paints an accurate picture of Belize then and now. When visiting the Mayan temples his knowledge of their use of the land will amaze you. Ask him about the plants on any adventure through Belize and he'll be able to tell you what it is and how it's used.



Like many Belizeans Cornel spent most of his time growing up around family. From his father's welding shop in Belize City to his Grandmothers farm in western Belize to cousins scattered, Cornel's upbringing took him all over beautiful Belize giving him a base of knowledge handed down from his elders. Some things are best when learned hands-on! Studying has also been an important component of success for Staine. Tour Guides in Belize are trained with intense curriculum and must demonstrate their skills in the field before final licenses are awarded. Cornel finished top of his class and has never stopped learning and teaching all about Belize.


When not touring Belize, Cornel spends his time with his wife, Sharola, and two sons D'Shawn and Khalil. He also enjoys playing pick-up basketball in his neighborhood. Occasionally you can find him hiding out under the ocean off the docks on St George's Caye. He is an avid free diver and SCUBA diver in his spare time!b2ap3_thumbnail_Cornel-Family.jpg


We are grateful to have partnership with Mr. Staine for 5 years now - and plan on many more years to come. We all benefit from his love and knowledge of Belize. 

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New Images of our Belize Paradise

New Images of our Belize Paradise

Out with the old - and in with the NEW! Just a bit before the new year begins, we are beginning again with updated and more accurate photos of what your St. George's Caye Resort experience will look and feel like. And we think you are going to love them.




Seattle based photographer Stuart Westmorland and his wife Robin joined us on the Caye for ten days to play and photograph. Capturing images not only of the property but the people enjoying a genuine St. George's experience. We intentionally chose to have the island photographed over many days rather than the traditional in and out, follow the list, commercial photography in order to give our viewer a more authentic picture of what it is like to actually be here. Updated Cabanas, relaxing spa, honeymooners laughing - the island is alive with joy and warm sunshine!




















We were even able to pull Stuart and Robin into the fun and adventure that is St. George's. So not only did we get some awesome photos - we also gained new long term guests and friends!

"My experience at Saint Georges Caye was beyond wonderful.  It was the perfect mix of peace and quiet, ample activities, with exemplary food and service on all fronts.  My scuba training was an unexpected delight and I highly recommend the experience for non-divers looking for a great location to take the plunge!" said Robin. 



 It is our pleasure to share with you our piece of paradise in Belize. Whether you are looking for adventure, diving, wanting to unwind on the tranquil beach - or all of the above - we have something just for you! From Kayaking to sailing the Hobie Cat's. From walking the luscious gardens to soaking up the sun at the beach or pool. St. George's Caye Resort can offer you variety of activities. 





More pictures coming soon to our Website - Facebook Page - Twitter & Pinterest Pages. Follow us to see more behind the scenes images of your next Belize Vacation! 


Want to share a picture with us? Use #ShareSt.Georges - we'd love to see your favorite images or here about your favorite memory.


Special thank you to photographer and artist, Stuart. Westmoreland can be reached via his website www.StuartWestmoreland.com for your commercial or personal photography needs.

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Meet Our Manager

Meet the Manager of St. George's Caye Resort


What do you do when you get an offer you can't refuse? Why, move to Belize, of course! 

Four years ago Barry Nowlin and his family moved from Austin, Texas to join the St. George's Caye Resort family. Under his leadership the Resort has seen great improvement. From new buildings to organizing scholarships to developing Belizean leaders, Barry's direction and influence extends beyond traditional duties. 

Barry’s love for the tiny country began in the 1980’s when he was studying archaeology with Program for Belize. After his studies ended Barry became SCUBA certified and fell in love with the reefs and people of Belize. “It’s the only place he would take me on vacation,” he wife Ashley says “I guess it’s a good thing I liked it as much a he did because after my third trip down he asked me if I thought I could live here.”

Back in Austin Barry was involved in caring for the elderly and mentally ill. His last few years in Texas Barry was entrusted to care for legendary Blues pianist Pinetop Perkins, traveling the world as his personal care manager. If you stay with us more than a few days you are sure to hear the Blues tunes of Pinetop, Muddy Waters, Willie Big Eyes Smith and Buddy Guy. 

Barry is also an avid Rotarian of thirteen years, serving the last three here in 
Rotary Club of Belize. Are you familiar with Rotary? Rotary International is a worldwide organization with goals such as eradicating polio, providing TB Immunizations, making clean water available, and sending children to school. Barry served as the President of the University Rotary Club of Austin in 2008.

Barry and his wife, Ashley, have a three year old daughter who was born in Belize. Sabrina is three years old, bilingual and rarely wears shoes. She has spent most her life romping around George's Caye. Their other children live and attend school in the United States. Seth is 25 and currently living in Detroit. Emma, 15, and Lillian, 13, are busy in the states attending school and visit Belize as often as they can.


“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to live and work here in Belize and with the people at St. George’s Caye. Come see us! We are a family and we welcome you into our home!” -Barry


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Sweet Serenity & Sweet Deals in the Off-Season

The best time to visit Belize is during hurricane season! No kidding!

June to November is active hurricane season and the reason many travelers avoid the Caribbean during these months. However, there are great benefits to traveling to Belize in the off-season. If you are looking for sweet serenity and sweet deals this is the sweet spot to itch your travel bug!




Having lived in Belize for almost 4 years I can tell you that hurricane season is my favorite time of the year. This is the time of year I take my own family to explore Belize. The rivers flow faster and feel cool and refreshing. And nothing makes the jungle come alive like a strong rainfall after the dry season (aka high-season). This year my family and I traveled to Punta Gorda in southern Belize. Our days included eating meals with Mayan descendants - who readily welcomed us into their home - swimming in rivers, natural springs and the ocean! 




LEFT: Our Family in 
Punta Gorda,
Belize 2014
 RIGHT: Lilly & Sabrina playing 
in the river at Caves Branch,
Belize 2014.




  • The Local's come out to the Cayes! I enjoy meeting locals wherever I travel and Belize locals are the nicest and most friendly people you may ever meet in your lifetime. They tell stories of "how it used to be" and offer you a friendly smile when you pass them on their porches.


  • The beaches, bars, Mayan Ruins, Jungle Tours are all less crowded. Want to get the most thorough insight into Lamanai or extra passes on the zip line? Go in the off-season. You may have a shower pass by that gets you a little wet but you trade it for the undivided attention of your tour guide.


  • Save Money! Who doesn't like that? Accommodations, tours, drinks and sometimes airfare are all cheaper in Belize during the off-season. Expect thirty to fifty percent off room rates country wide!


  • Belize weather is generally awesome all year round. Don’t' let Hurricane Season shy you away. The reality? Though hurricanes get lots of media attention, you'd have to be awfully unlucky to get caught in one. Places like Belize lie outside the hurricane belt, and statistically get hit only once every 60 years. (For more information, visit the Climatology section of the Caribbean Hurricane Network website, www.stormcarib.com). Belize sits in a unique position on the Earth - tucked into the nape of the Yucatan Peninsula. While we do get more rain during the off-season it often rains at night which beautifully cools off the air making for crisp cool mornings! When it does rain during the day it is an amazing sight and sound. Something you will never forget. And it too shall pass for clear skies and warm breezes. 




St. George's Caye Resort in Belize is offering this limited time offer - 50% OFF Cabana Rates!



Call 1-800-813-8498 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Successful First Year for St. George’s Scholarship Winner

All of us at St. George’s Caye Resort are pleased to be able to share our success with others in Belize. Last year, owner Cap’n Ron and resort manager Barry Nowlin asked the staff what would be truly helpful to support Belizeans. Because most children do not attend school beyond 8th grade due to the high cost (free education ends at 8th grade), they suggested educational scholarships for children in their home villages. Encouraging higher education means more of their neighbors will have the knowledge to get jobs, start businesses, and help their local economy and country grow.



This past school year, Cap’n Ron sponsored our first high school full scholarship based on academic ability, motivation and severe need, and our supervisory staff developed and administered the entire program. Ms. Seily Aguilar, resident of Valley of Peace, was selected as the scholarship winner and she just completed Year 1 (freshman year) at Belmopan Comprehensive School located in the capital city. She is passing all subjects and doing very well. If it wasn’t for the support of the resort scholarship, Seily could not afford to go to high school.


We are sharing Seily’s thank-you letter to the staff with our past guests and friends. It is because of your support that we are able to share with others. THANK YOU.


We're also excited to share that the entire staff has stepped up to expand the scholarship program for this coming school year, hoping to fund at least three high school students.






The cost for each student is about US$1,500. If you would like to support scholarships for students in the Valley of Peace and the other villages our staff hails from, or get involved with Full Basket Belize, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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The Basics of Getting to Belize

The Basics of Getting to Belize

Getting to Belize is easy! If you live in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami (and soon Chicago), you will have a direct flight into the Belize International Airport. Being a country of approximately 300,000 people the airport is small and friendly. Still, if this is your first time to Belize you will certainly have some questions.


Question What airport do we fly into?

  • Whether traveling to Belize City, Placencia, San Pedro, or anywhere else in the country of Belize you will need to first fly into the Philip S.W. Goldson International AirportThe airport code is BZE. This is the only International airport in Belize, so all visitors arriving by air must enter here. And as the picture below shows -you will actually exit the plane via a staircase outside!
  • If you are not joining us at St. George's Caye Resort and require a connecting flight you have two options, be sure to make all transfer arrangements before arriving in Belize as most businesses close at 5 or 6pm.
    1. Maya Island Air
    2. Tropic Air





Question What should we expect when we get to the airport?

  • First and foremost, keep in mind you are now in the land of Belize where time has a different meaning. Be patient, Belizeans do everything at a slower pace than you are used to. Slow down and remember you are now on vacation!
  • Getting through the airport is a three step process. When you arrive you enter IMMIGRATION, where you show your passport and arrival document you filled out on the plane. BAGGAGE CLAIM is the 2nd step, fairly easy as there is only one place to claim bags. Sometimes they even have live music to entertain you.  3rd step is CUSTOMS where they want to know if you are bringing things you shouldn't like a suitcase full of cigarettes to resell or live animals. Most people find this a quick process.


 b2ap3_thumbnail_airportBand.jpgLocal Belize live music in baggage claim.


  • As Belize grows in popularity the International airport strives to keep up.  If several flights arrive at the same approximate time, unfortunately, you can have a wait time of up to 45 minutes. They have recently computerized their immigration stations so waiting times have decreased. An average wait time to pass through immigration, get your bags, then clear customs (where they may ask to look inside your bags) is about 15-20 minutes.

When you are a guest of St. George's Caye Resort you will have a personal escort waiting for you just outside  (and it is literally outside) of customs. Our representative will escort you from the airport all the way to your island vacation!


Question So, we do not need to book any transportation before coming to Belize?

  • No! Not as our guest. ALL transfers upon arrival and departure are part of your Belize vacation package.


Question How long does it take to get from the airport to St. George's Caye?

  • The transport is two part; a 15 minute car ride to the marina (located at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City) and a 20 minute boat ride to St. George's Caye.



From the time you arrive at the airport until your stay is finished you will find most all Belizeans you meet along the way to be friendly and helpful.



Getting to and from Belize is a breeze!


Still have questions? Go ahead and ask -we want you to be ready and prepared for your Belize Island Vacation!


See you soon!

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Valet Diving :: A Unique Belize Diving Experience

Valet Diving :: A Unique Belize Diving Experience



What exactly does Valet Diving mean, you might be wondering.


At St. George's Caye Resort we pride ourselves on having one of the BEST dive teams in Belize, and perhaps even the world. Not only is the team experienced (over 7000 dives) but they are kind and helpful. If you have dove with us in the past you surely know either Freddy or Jose, our two main dive instructors, and the amazing finesse they demonstrate in their craft.


Freddy and Jose introduced us to what we now call "Valet Diving". Valet, by the way, is a French word referring to a man's personal servant.** Now while Freddy and Jose cannot be your personal servants for your entire stay at St. George's, they will be your personal dive assistants for your entire stay! Our dedicated dive team will rinse, carry to and from the boat, and safely store all of your gear. Every morning each diver's gear will be organized, clean and on the boat ready to go. All YOU need to do is show up ready to get wet! It is that easy. Clean your own mask, or have it done for you. Need fresh water on board to rinse your camera equipment? No problem! And underneath your seat on the boat will be a plastic tub for your shoes, sunglasses, phones or whatever small things you brought along. No more looking through each other's stuff wondering where your sunglasses ran off to or why you only have one shoe. You will also find plenty of water to hydrate and, my personal favorite, cookies and fruit for a light snack between and after dives.


b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC00485.JPG       b2ap3_thumbnail_100_0941small.jpg


Traveling to Lighthouse Reef or Blue Hole? Our Valet Dive Team also coordinates with our kitchen staff to prepare and bring along breakfast and lunch! Special drink requests while on your dive trip? Simply let the team know what you want.


How can we provide such a high level of quality service to our divers? You might ask. This too is simple. We cater to divers, on average 6 per dive, and dive groups of no more than about 25. Keeping the numbers small ensures quality of care for you, your dive equipment, and your dive experience.


**{SIDE NOTE: Did you know a "batman" is a soldier or airman assigned to a commissioned officer as a personal servant?}

               From <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman_(military)>



Do you have a dive experience you would like to share with us? We are looking to feature dive stories on our website and would love your input!

You can contact us on FACEBOOK, comment on this post, or you can email me atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Adventures & Tours :: San Pedro Slam

Adventures & Tours :: San Pedro Slam
The 'San Pedro Slam' is one of our most popular adventures. Leaving St. George's Caye at 7:30am your day starts with warm breakfast tacos on board the crisp morning ride. I recommend bringing along a light jacket or cover. The 45-60 minute ride takes you past Caye Chapel and Caye Caulker before arriving to Ambergris Caye where the small village of San Pedro lies. The boat then docks at the Reef Adventures/Wet Willie's dock where you meet up with the professionals from Reef Adventures who outfit you for your amazing snorkel or dive. First visit is to the famous Hol Chan Marine Reserve, a 10 minute boat ride, where you should prepare to be amazed at the abundance of life below the sea. Like swimming inside an aquarium Hol Chan is must see attraction in Belize! As is your next stop for snorkeling or diving; Shark Ray Alley! And yes, it is full of sharks and rays. Home to mostly Nurse Sharks and Manta Rays this spectacular sight can be seen from inside the boat -for those unsure- or from under the water -for the more adventurous souls. You guide will feed them and show how to appropriately enjoy these amazing creatures. Not to be missed while in Belize.

After you have been astounded by the bounty and beauty of our Caribbean Sea life you will be taken back to the dock where you can change if you like, but no need to, and then we cut you lose to explore the island as you see fit. Lunch at a café along the beach, perhaps? A visit to the famous Elvi's Kitchen in the center of town? Whatever you choose be sure to bring some spending cash for the street vendors selling beautiful handmade jewelry and wood carvings. What else to do while in San Pedro? There are beach massages offered, many cafes to enjoy cold beer while watching the boats pass by. Real Estate offices, for the curious visitors, offer fliers posted outside of properties for sale. A band is usually playing somewhere, if not simply along the street near the vendors. You can even rent a golf cart for a couple of hours to roam around the Northern and/or Southern parts of Ambergris Caye.

By 3:30 or 4:00pm most guests find they are ready to go back to St. George's Caye. It's been a beautiful day filled with new experiences but the peace and tranquility of SGCR is calling your name. You arrive back to your private Cabana with plenty of time to clean up and relax before dinner.

Come and play with us!

**Would you like to book the SAN PEDRO SLAM for your next trip?
Let Cap'N Ron know by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Walk-In Swimming Beach Now Open

We are so fortunate to have the warm Caribbean Sea as well as our sparkling saline swimming pool to enjoy at St. George’s Caye. One of the things we have not enjoyed so much is sinking into the mud as we walk into the water from our beach on the east side of the island. Our solution has been to swim off the end of our dock, which provides a ladder for climbing back out after a swim. But over the last couple years many guests have asked us to provide a swimming beach that is easily accessible and offers walk-in swimming right from the beach.

We are always listening to the feedback we receive – after all, the resort is here only for the enjoyment of our guests. And of course we always want to upgrade our very popular signature “St. George’s Caye Experience.” At the same time, we are ever mindful of the ecosystem of which we are a part. But for our sensibility to the environment and ecosystem, it would be easy to construct sea walls, dredge the ocean bottom and move tons of sand to create a large walk-in beach.  So we have been in a quandary and looking for how to have a great swimming beach (and snorkeling area) while maintaining our stewardship of the caye, the reef and the ecosystem.

After input from our veteran staff with well over 50 years combined experience tending to the island and the reef, we identified an excellent location in a protected area on the leeward side of the caye that already had a sandy bottom and could relatively easily be turned into a beautiful swimming beach and snorkel area without disturbing the natural ecosystem. This beach, between our saline pool to the east, our recently completed reception dock to the west, and adjacent to our Overwater Cabanas, enjoys milder breezes and gorgeous sunsets! It is excellent for ocean swimming and snorkeling, and is also an easy launching area for kayaks.  I like to paddle from here and explore a different part of the caye each day, and sometimes paddle to the nearby cayes.

Beach Swimming at St. George's Caye

With lounge chairs arranged on the beach, and the water steps away, our guests now enjoy walk-into-the-ocean swimming and an excellent snorkeling experience right on property. We thank all of our guests for visiting us, and ask that you all keep providing feedback for an ever-improving St. George’s Caye Experience.

Cap’n Ron
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Newly Remodeled Overwater Cabanas

DSC05267 851x1280
If you have stayed with us during our hottest months -May to October- you are well aware just how warm it can get. Especially on the west side of the island where our Overwater Cabanas sit. While we have plenty of ways to cool off - in the pool, the ocean, or even at the bar with ice cold Belikin beers - we have listened to years of guest feedback and have enhanced the rooms with beautiful hardwood ceilings to help keep these six cabanas much cooler! Don't worry though, the authentic Belizean thatch our cabanas are known for can still be seen in the bathroom and the private veranda. With the new ceiling the rooms can actually be chilled by the in-room air conditioner allowing you to relax in comfort while resting inside your cabana.

Three of the six have already been completed and have recieved rave reviews. The remaining three will be finished in time for our Summer season 2014.

Want to try one of these on your next visit? Check out our lastest specials and come
on down to beautiful Belize, where you can experience the ultimate in relaxation and romance!

Signature Photo rounddock107-2 1280x761

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