This is a new opportunity for certified divers only.  Hunt underwater for the invasive Lion Fish with our professionals.  Our divemaster helps you locate the Lion Fish, “loads” the sling, and you take you best shot!  Our professional removes the stinging fish from the spear for you.

A good challenge and a new experience – our divers love this and have been recommending it to all experienced divers!  And you get to help control the population of this invasive species and protect the reef.

Just to make it more fun, we will give you a $2 credit for every Lion Fish you get!

Lion fish are native to the south seas and do not have any natural predators in the Caribbean.  Since the accidental release of a few Lion Fish several years ago, they have multiplied rapidly, consuming vast quantities of local reef fish, threatening to obliterate much life on our gorgeous local reefs.  We are on a mission to manage the Lion Fish population until natural predators develop.